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Italian Stained Glass

Italian Stained Glass
Since 1987  art glass studio Paolo Corpetti


stained glass masterpieces
Great Works
vetrate artistiche arredamento
Studio vetrate d'arte
vetrate artistiche sacre
Religious Stained Glass

Italian Stained Glass Paolo Corpetti

Paolo Corpetti's Vetrarte Studio was born in Rome in 1987 and since then the studio designs and creates artistic stained glasses  for interior design and sacred art. We use traditional processing techniques such as  lead sealing, tiffany technique, glass fusing, glass painting, sandblasting, Dalle de Verre panels, suspended ceilings with rain of Swarovski crystals drops.

Passion is perhaps the element that identify us most as a Studio, as an Art Workshop in the balance between the Middle Ages and the future. Our work, or better trade, is a bet never won and never lost but always evolving.

Handicraft is a choice of work, but it would not be wrong to say a life choice, which although apparently anachronistic, keep man in his entirety. Imagining, conceiving, designing, realizing and installing. These are the steps of our work.
vetrata artistica a rulli
vetrate in dalle de verre
Dalle de Verre
immagine di corsi di vetrata a piombo
vetrate artistiche di cupole e velari
Ceilings ad Domes
pannelli a specchio e cristalli swarovski
Cristal Drops Mirrors
restauti vetrate artistiche

Imagine Design Realize

what we do

The realization of an idea, which can be a small panel or the majestic windows of a cathedral, that’s the meaning of our profession. All combined with a deep knowledge of the three raw materials at the base of our profession: light, color, glass.

In many years of uninterrupted activity we confronted with a truly unique material: the glass.

A material to  cut, heat, shape, melt and blown. Only glass is rigid and ductile material, capable of taking shape or remaining rigid and compact. Hard and fragile. The glass vibrates toùthe light and makes its colors vibrate.

In the stained glass windows the light is not reproduced, as for example in painting, but it is real, true. Our work is "painting with light”

...all our works are "made in Italy"
bassorilievi in cristallo
Sandblasting & Egravings
vetrate per arredamento di hotel
Luxury Hotels
Vetrarte di Paolo Corpetti
via Amendola 86b
00013 Mentana (ROMA)
Tel 068175381

lun - ven     10,30 - 18.30
sabato         10,30 - 14,30  
PI 08470030589
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