Grandi Realizzazioni dello Studio Vetrarte di Paolo Corpetti - Italian Stained Glass - Vetrate Artistiche Italiane

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Grandi Realizzazioni dello Studio Vetrarte di Paolo Corpetti


Grandi Realizzazioni
           .... by Paolo Corpetti

vetrate hotel vanvitelli
Vetrate Grand Hotel Vanvitelli
cristalli incisi a sbalzo
"Romance" yacht CNR Ancona
vetrata per chiesa
Cattedrale Yokohama Japan
vetrate d'arte hotel san giorgio
Hotel San Giorgio Civitavecchia

Great Works

We have created many large-scale works of both decor and sacred art, in Italy and abroad. Among those works we remember the stained glass ceiling of the Grand Hotel Vanvitelli in Caserta of about 250 sqm, the 180 sqm of the Casadangela cathedral in Yokohama, the 120 sqm of the Aoyama cathedral in Tokyo, the 110 sqm of the stained glass ceiling of the Hotel San Giorgio in Civitavecchia, the stained glass windows of Villa Lilli (a bright wall of 50 square meters). Among our works there is also the decoration of luxury mega yachts, a challenging work due to the structural characteristics of the environment but works of absolute excellence and great elegance. Facing big works require different and greater skills than the "simple" creation of a stained glass window.

We deal with the design of metal structures, carpentry, fixtures. We take care of packaging and transport / shipping all over the world. Securing and restoration of pre-existing works

vetrata artistica per lucernai
vetrate per arredamento villa
cupola in vetrata d'arte
vetrate religiose per parrocchia
Parrocchia Regina dei Gigli

Stained  Glass

Great Works

The "observation points" of the work become fundamental, such as the study of light sources, safety measures, an overview and categorical respect for delivery times. We are able to create great works, in traditional techniques and with the "contamination" of processes and materials. it is possible to use glass, in all its artistic forms: lead sealing, tiffany weaving, glass paintings, crystal engravings, stained glass in Dalle de Verre, mirrors with Swarovski crystals, for ceilings, doors, windows, floors, coverings,stairs . Our works are requested for churches, cathedrals, places of worship and chapels, for prestigious villas, hotels and large hotels,restaurants, megayachts.

Vetrarte di Paolo Corpetti
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