Incisioni su cristallo - Italian Stained Glass - Vetrate Artistiche Italiane

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Incisioni su cristallo

Engraved and Sandblasting Glass


 ... by Paolo Corpetti


vetrate incise e sabbiate
stemma inciso su cristallo
cristallo inciso con pavone
vetrata incisa a sbalzo
vetrata artistica sabbiata
cristallo inciso a sbalzo

Engraved and Sandblasting

Bas-relief engravings on Crystal The engravings of our study are carried out with completely manual techniques.
We transfer the drawing on gummed paper applied on glass (normally extra-clear) then we engrave and peel the first areas to be treated in engraving, normally the deepest ones.

Next we will proceed in degrees up to the lightest abrasions.
The hand engraving allows to dose, for each area to be engraved, the excavation intensity, the shape and the effects.
The result is that of a real bas-relief.
The greater the thickness of the starting crystal, the greater the possibility of deeply engraving the slab.
incisione a mano del cristallo
cristallo inciso per sabbiatura
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