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Studio Vetrate Artistiche


lavorazione pittura a grisaglia
ritocchi su vetrata  dipinta
tessitura a piombo
vetrata artistica san camillo
vetrata rilegata a piombo
vetrata per chiesa pittura



A studio in the balance between Renaissance and future
Immersed in traditional techniques, constantly looking  for a synthesis between the history of
Italian craftsmanship and the new frontiers of technology.
Our studio has an area of 350 square meters and is organized for all artistic works such as:
  • lead stained glass
  • painted glass
  • fusing glass
  • tiffany
  • emgraved cristal
  • sandblaster
  • dalle de verre
  • ceiling drops cristal mirrors
laboratorio vetrate artistiche
Vetrarte di Paolo Corpetti
via Amendola 86b
00013 Mentana (ROMA)
Tel 068175381

lun - ven     10,30 - 18.30
sabato         10,30 - 14,30  
PI 08470030589
CF crppla65a04h501q
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